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Reveal your inner robot

Do your best robot impression for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S II and our Android App!

Contest ended. Thank you everyone for participating.

TomTom does the robot and now here's your chance to try be one too! Dress up in your best android costume or do a great robotic pose then send us a picture of it for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S II phone and the TomTom for Android app! Every week for four weeks we'll be picking a lucky robot to win.

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1. babane android

Albane s est reveillee transformée durant la nuit en Android!!!! elle se fait desormais appeler babane android

2. classy robots

my roomates and i decided, whats better than one robot? 3 robots! we're going to invade!

3. Me is robot

Me , Mia in a robot pose , my robot name is Roberta and im hoping my master will re-tune me and fix the loose wire on my head soon..

4. The Android in me ( or the me in android ?)

MY REACTION THAT TOMTOM IS NOW ON ANDROID! yessssss!!! I knew this WOK would come in handy one day hahah !! took ages to make, hope you like it :-) I wanted to make a fun photo for you

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